The Project

This tactile installation project required our team to supply and install missing tactiles in the Top Ryde Shopping Centre. We completed this job after hours to make sure we reduced the disruption to customers.

Before we could install new tactiles, our team had to remove the original tactiles. Therefore, we had to first drill holes. As a result, we could then remove the broken stems.

Once we got rid of the original tactiles, we began installing the new stainless steel tactiles.

How to Install Tactile Indicators

First, we had to ensure the surface areas was dry and clean. We then used a template with circles cut out, that is common for tactile installation. As a result, we could make sure the tactiles were aligned in the correct position.

Our team used the long stem plastic mixing nozzle with the tactile adhesive cartridge. The cartridge was inserted into the cartridge gun. As a result, we could secure the tactiles to the surface. We placed a small amount of adhesive into the centre of each hole. The stud was then placed into the template hole. To make sure that the stud would stick properly, we turned it halfway to spread the glue evenly.

Working on this project after hours ensured we had the recommended 4 to 5 hours for the glue to dry. Therefore, the area would be open to customer traffic when the centre opened.

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Arrow Work and Safety Gear supplies and installs single tactiles and tactile mats. To find out more about our range head to our website. Our team of trained professionals are skilled to efficiently install tactiles suitable for your premise. All our tactiles comply with the Australian Safety Standards.

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