The Arrow Traders team recently completed a project at Top Ryde. Our team installed signage on the premise and waterproofed outside of their stores.

Signage Installation

The first task our team had to complete was installing signage outside. The Top Ryde centre needed six ‘Non-Smoking’ signs installed. These signs were metal. Therefore, they would be able to withstand different weather conditions outdoors.

Our Non-Smoking signs help businesses to comply with the new smoking legislations introduced in NSW. They display a clear message with a red annulus to show the prohibited act. As a result, our signs comply with the Australian Standard AS 1319.

When installing our ‘Non-Smoking’ signs, we also ensured they followed the 4 metre law. Therefore, we had to make sure our signs were installed in places that made sure customers knew not to smoke within 4 metres of an entrance or exit.

The Smoke-Free Environment Act 2000 stops smoking in enclosed public places and entrances. As a result, we ensured that Top Ryde Shopping Centre followed these legislations.

Waterproofing Outside Stores

The second task our team completed was waterproofing outside the shops. Top Ryde Shopping Centre needed to waterproof their flooring and walls in specific areas. These areas received heavy traffic from customers who could bring water in. They were also located in areas that were prone to water leaks.

As a result, our team decided to use silicone to seal these gaps. Therefore, the silicone would be able to fill any cracks that may be filled with water. As the gaps were smaller, silicone was the best option to get into these places.

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