Arrow Traders has just completed a project at Westfield Hornsby. As a result, the project involved multiple tasks that needed to be completed. Therefore, our team first installed a fixing kit for the toilets. Another project involved repairing walls inside the shopping centre.

Installation of Toilet Fixing Kit

Our team carried out maintenance work in the level 3 toilets. We were called to resolve issues in the kids toilet in the parents room. Therefore, our team of highly skilled professionals first repaired a seat in the parent’s room toilet.

Arrow Traders also installed a new fixing kit in the same kids toilet.  As a result, we ensured the toilets were properly functioning and could be used by the public.

Repair of Wall

The second project our team completed was the repair of the wall near the food court. Our professionals had to first patch the damaged parts of the wall. We had to allow for this to dry and set properly. Therefore, we continued the task onto the next few days. By the second day of the project, the repairs were completed.

Once the patchwork had dried, our team sanded down the surface. As a result, we were able to ensure that the surface was smooth. Therefore, we could apply paint to the smooth surface. Our team removed any debris from the walls and cleaned it before applying paint to the surface.

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