Our team has developed a strong relationship with Westfield Hurstville. We recently completed a job in their Loading Dock 5 storage room.

Installation of Vinyl Flooring

Arrow Traders supplied and installed vinyl flooring in the storage room. To install the flooring, we first measured the room.

Once we had the flooring sections, we began by laying the planks on the floor making sure the flat side was up against the wall.

Our team then aligned and positioned the planks. We had to make sure the end joins were in the right position. Therefore, we also had to ensure the end joints were staggered. As a result, they had to be approximately 6 inches away from the next row’s end joints.

As a result, we then used a rubber mallet to secure the planks in place.


Our team also painted the walls and doors. Before painting however, we had to patch the wall. As a result, we made sure the walls were prepared for painting.

When we determined the surfaces were smooth and primed, we applied two coats of paint to the walls and door.

New Locks & Repaired Door Jamb

The next part of this project was to replace the locks. We had to remove the existing locks and install new ones.

The client supplied a keyed lock, which our team installed.

To make sure the door operated smoothly, we had to repair damage to the door jambs.

The door jambs are responsible for ensuring the door is aligned with the flooring. Therefore, we had to make sure the door jamb was in appropriate condition, to support the door.

Installation of Shelving

Finally, our team installed shelving in the storage room.

We installed 12 metres of shelving along the walls. As a result, the storage room would have more room to store items and keep the room clear.

We ensured that the shelving was heavy duty. Therefore, it would be able to withstand significant weight and possible damage.

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