One of Arrow Traders’ most popular safety products is our wheel stops. We just recently installed over 50 of these for one of our clients. Our team worked hard and efficiently to install our wheel stops on the Westfield Mt Druitt rooftop.

1. Preparation

Before installing the wheel stops, we had to assess the area. Therefore, our team carried out an EHI scan to make sure the area was prepared for wheel stops installation. As a result, we were able to ensure there was no wires or cables underground that would be damaged.

Therefore, we determined that there would be no obstructions. As a result, we moved ahead with the installation project.

2. Installation

We first had to remove the previous concrete wheel stops. Once we removed all the wheel stops, we ensured the area was clean and ready for installation.

As a result, we began installing our rubber wheel stops.

To install the wheel stops, we first positioned them in place. Therefore, our team was able to drill approximately 10mm pilot holes.

When the hole was deep enough, we then removed the wheel stop. This allowed us to continue drilling through the pilot holes.

Once the hole was a sufficient depth, the wheel stop was placed back in position. As a result, we could then use DynaBolts to secure the wheel stop in place.

Before completing the project, the team ensured the bolts were in the correct position and secured.

3. Completed Project

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At Arrow Traders, we aim to help our clients maintain a safe work environment. We successfully achieved this at Westfield Mt Druitt by installing Australian Standard wheel stops. Therefore, our clients were guaranteed that these products would help keep their premise safe.

If you would like assistance with achieving a safe workplace, please feel free to contact our team. We would be glad to assist you and provide a quote.

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