Our wheel stop installation process is a highly important safety component for carparks. They are installed indoors and outdoors. As a result, they prevent vehicles from moving too far into spaces. Therefore, they reduce the possibility of collisions. As a result, the wheel stop creates a barrier between vehicles and walls, to prevent damage. Additionally, they protect pedestrians walking in the carparks.

Our wheels stops are made with high quality rubber. As a result, this material maximises the durability of the product. Furthermore, it is suitable for any vehicle and environment. The rubber material ensures that all vehicles can be protected from damage. Along with the high quality product, we bring professional instalment services to maximise the safety of your carpark. We carry out an EHI scan prior to the installation process. Therefore, we determine if the premise is prepared for the installation.

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Please feel free to contact our team to discuss our wheel stop installation process. We would be happy to conduct a site visit, to advise on the best locations for installation. Prior to our installation service, we can conduct an EHI scan to determine if the locations are safe for installation. Head to our website for more information or to purchase our wheel stops and fixings.

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