What Happened?

Our team recently completed a wheel stops and bollards installation project at St Ives. On the 12th of December last year, residents of St Ives were shocked when a vehicle drove straight through a garage wall and fell approximately six metres (Marsh 2019). The vehicle landed on a tennis court on the ground below and luckily no one was seriously hurt (Marsh).

How We Ensured This Wouldn’t Happen Again

On September 1st 2020, our team of highly skilled professionals completed a recent project at this very location. Hoping to ensure something like this would not happen again. Here at Arrow Traders, our main goal is to ensure businesses and customers around NSW are safe at all times. Our team began working early in the morning and before deciding on any installations, they observed the area and surroundings. Upon a thorough scan and investigation, our professionals determined that the best safety measures would be wheel stops and bollards.

Why Wheel Stops?

The Arrow Traders team, determined wheel stops and bollards would be one of the most effective product installations. As a result, we hoped this would prevent similar incidents in the future.

Our stock of wheel stops are created from durable rubber. Therefore, these wheel stops will be able to prevent accidents for many years. We ensured our wheel stops were of a high-quality to ensure they could withstand pressure from continuous contact and collisions. Therefore, they will not crack, warp or chip upon impact with a vehicle.

These wheel stops were going to be installed close to large open windows. Therefore, it was important that we selected a product that could withstand various temperature and weather conditions. Our wheel stops are UV resistant, moisture resistant, oil resistant and weather resistant. As a result, they can be installed near an open area that would be subject to sun rays, moisture and other weather conditions.

Our professionals also used wheel stops due to their high visibility. We have ensured that our wheel stops include a high visibility yellow stripe, which can be always visible. Therefore, these wheel stops would be effective in an indoor garage. The yellow stripes ensure all drivers and residents are aware of the barrier even in low lighting.

How We Installed Wheel Stops

There were two parking spots in the garage, with two aligning windows. Therefore, our team though it best to install one wheel stop in front of each window. We marked out where the wheel stops would be installed and then drilled the pilot holes. Dynabolts were then used to secure the two wheel stops to the floor.

Why Bollards?

In addition to wheel stops, our team thought it would be wise to install stainless steel bollards behind the wheel stops. As a result, we hoped the wheel stops and bollards preventive measure would reduce the risk of future accidents and damage. We installed three steel bollards behind each of the two wheel stops, as an added precaution.

Arrow Traders, stocks a range of bollards for all purposes and business needs. The bollards selected by our professionals were the steel bollards due to their strength and durability. Steel bollards are known to have a higher impact resistance than flexible or rubber bollards. Due to the close proximity to the window and high drop, steel bollards would be most effective in halting incoming cars. As a result, we hope to prevent similar car accidents.

Steel bollards were believed to be most appropriate as they are regularly used to outline car-free zones and avoid vehicle spill-overs. Given the strength and durability of the stainless steel bollards, they can withstand impact from cars, trucks and even forklifts. We needed to install a bollard that would have a high-impact resistance, given the placement of the driveway. Therefore, our team decided to install the strongest bollards to ensure no vehicle went through the window and fell from multiple stories again. Based on these product uses, we believed that steel bollards would be effective in keeping residents and drivers safe.

How We Installed Bollards

To install the stainless steel bollards, our professionals had to first determine an appropriate distance between each singular bollard. We decided on three bollards behind each wheel stop to ensure there would be a strong enough barrier to stop incoming cars. Once determining the placement of each bollard, they drilled four holes that were aligned with the base plate. Dynabolts were then hammered into place to secure the six total bollards in place.

Our Arrow Traders team was glad to carry out this project for St Ives. With our main goal being to protect all businesses and individuals, we wanted to ensure our safety measures were effective. We hope to work with other clients who need similar assistance, to prevent future damage and accidents.

“They were very helpful and efficient throughout the process, and the installation of safety bollards and wheel stops was on time and very well performed.” – Brenda Coleman, St Ives client

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