What Are Fold-Down Locking Bollards

Fold-Down Lockable Metal Bollards are different from other metal bollards. The main purpose of these bollards is to secure parking spaces and protect other areas.

How Do Fold-Down Locking Bollards Work?

The Fold-Down locking bollard comes with a key lock. Therefore, the key is used to lock the bollard, in the vertical position. As a result, it can protect a car space.

To lower the bollard, the key is used to unlock the bollard and lay it flat, horizontally.

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Where Can Fold-Down Locking Bollards Be Used?

These bollards are made from steel. As a result, they are durable and can withstand damage from vehicles. Therefore, these bollards are perfect in busy carparks.

Additionally, they can also be used in temporary situations. Therefore, they provide temporary access to driveways, walkways, and footpaths. Furthermore, they can protect car spaces in private car parks, driveways and loading zones.

Our bollards are powder-coated in yellow. As a result, they are highly visible and can be used in carparks during the day and night.

Installation of Fold-Down Locking Bollards

The fold-down locking bollard has a durable metal base. Therefore, it can be easily installed.

First drill holes where you want the bollard to sit. After drilling the holes, remove any dust from the surface. Then hammer Dynabolts through the drilled holes, to secure the bollard in place. Before securing the bollard, ensure that it is in the correct position. Finally, use a wrench to tighten the bolds and secure the bollard.

Arrow Traders’ Service

At Arrow Traders we supply these fold-down locking bollards and can also install them on your site. Please reach out to us if you would like to purchase these or have them installed. We would be happy to help keep your area and car spots secured.




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