Our team of trained professionals recently completed a flooring installation project at Westmead Hospital. We were called in to install new flooring in two rooms and three door trims. We cut around wires, metal cabinets and removed furniture before commencing. To prepare the area we had to remove previously glued tiles, polyvac and feather finishes. Our professionals installed the Polyfloor Expona Superplank as the features were suitable for hospitals. The Expona Superplank is slip, chemical and abrasion resistant, therefore suitable for hospital flooring. It meets the ISO 10585/EN649 standards. This flooring installation was carried out by our teams as the multiple layers ensure the flooring is long-lasting and easy to maintain.

Secondly, our professionals were called by Cumberland Hospital to remove and install  new roller doors. We needed to replace a jammed roller door. Our professionals skillfully took down the previous roller door and removed it from the premise. We had to powder coat the door to the closest matching shade of the other shutter doors, before installation. We were then able to install a new and improved shutter door, supplied by our professionals. A Steel 0.8 Roller Shutter was selected and installed by our team.

Our team had a great time assisting Westmead Hospital and Cumberland Hospital to ensure their premises were safe with new and improved features, that met Australian standards. We look forward to completing more of these tasks with our professional team, to ensure businesses can maintain their safety and industry standards.

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