Diamond Plate Gel Mats


Our Diamond Plate Gel Mats have an embossed diamond pattern that actively reduces the risk of slips and pedestrian accidents. Available in the standardised 18mm thickness, these mats are highly durable and can last for a significant period of time. They are rugged, durable and have a 4mm vinyl skin surface, with the top bonded to a 12mm buoyant EVA non-slip backing to prevent the mat from moving.

The black mat has a highly visible yellow border running along both edges that are beveled to limit the chance of trips and accidents.

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  • Comes in standard 18mm thickness.
  • Rugged, durable, and boasting a 4mm vinyl skin surface.
  • An embossed diamond pattern that actively prevents slips.
  • Top surface bonded to 12mm buoyant EVA non-slip backing.
  • Bright yellow border with beveled edge.
  • Bonded, slip-resistant EVA underlay.


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