Stair Tread Nosing


The Stair Tread Nosing has been specifically designed to install over new and existing steps and stairways. It is perfect to use where pedestrian safety, stair appearance and stair longevity are particular concerns. It is compliant with the luminance contrast requirements outlined in the AS/NZ 1428-2009. Installation of the nosing is dependent on the surface as it can be installed with adhesive, drilling or screwing. The nosing is available in a variety of colours including black, yellow, grey, white, red and brown.

Contact us for a quote based on your sizing specifications and colour.

  • Installed over new and existing steps and stairways.
  • Meets luminance contrast requirements of the AS/NZ 1428-2009.
  • Colours: Black, yellow, grey, white, red or brown.
  • Installation using an adhesive, by drilling or screwing.
  • Included double-sided fibreglass tape to secure the insert over the fixed screws.


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