Emergency Shower – Free Standing


This Emergency Shower is a Free Standing design which can be easily operated with the pull handle. It has been designed and manufactured in an ISO 9001 accredited facility, with complete adherence to AS4775 and ANZSIZ358.1.

  • 304SS Shower Stanchion and Fittings
  • ABS Chemical/Impact Resistant Shower Head
  • No Bowl
  • Hand Operated via Pull Rod
  • AEROSTREAM technology delivers a flow of water to gently flush out dangerous liquids and materials from the eyes and face.
    SWIRLTECH technology delivers a precise pattern and controlled flow rate of a large volume of flushing fluid, ensuring optimum decontamination.
  • FCR/FCA all showers & eyewashes come standard with Flow Control Regulators and/or Flow Control Adjuster.
  • The shower FCR assists for simultaneous flow between the shower and eyewash to ensure minimum flow outputs are not compromised.
  • The eyewash incorporates our FCA, allowing for the fine tuning of flow output.

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Weight 30 kg


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