Emergency Shower – Wall-Mounted


This Emergency Shower can be wall-mounted within the designated area to ensure that all workers are aware of its location at all times. It is easily operated by a pull handle to provide a steady flow of water that decontaminates when required. The shower has been designed and created in an ISO 9001 accredited facility, fully compliant with AS4775 and ANSIZ358.1.

  • 304SS Shower Arm and Fittings
  • ABS Chemical/Impact Resistant Shower Head
  • Wall Mount
  • Hand Operated Pull Rod
  • AEROSTREAM technology delivers a gentle cascade of soft flow water to flush away any hazardous materials from the eyes and face.
  • SWIRLTECH technology delivers a precise pattern and controlled flow rate of a large volume of flushing fluid, ensuring optimum decontamination when its needed most
  • FCR/FCA all showers & eyewashes come standard with Flow Control Regulators and/or Flow Control Adjuster.
  • The shower FCR assists for simultaneous flow between the shower and eyewash to ensure minimum flow outputs are not compromised.
  • The eyewash incorporates our FCA, allowing for the fine tuning of flow output.


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