Arrow Traders were recently contacted by Mt Druitt. The Mt Druitt team recognised that their wheel stops needed to be replaced and contacted us to do the job. Therefore, we were asked to replace a few of their wheel stops in the loading dock.

What We Did

Our team of trained professionals first assessed the area and condition of the wheel stops before beginning the project.

First, they removed the damaged wheel stops. As a result, once the previous wheel stops were removed, they were able to begin installing our new wheel stops.

Our team first measured and outlined where the wheel stops would be installed. They drilled 10mm pilot holes, based on the guidelines. The wheel stops were then removed from the position to allow our team to continue drilling through the pilot holes. We used DynaBolts to secure the wheel stop in position. Therefore, we could guarantee that they were secure.

Why Rubber Wheel Stops?

Rubber wheel stops were the preferred material for our wheel stops because of their durability. As a result, there is no concern of them warping, cracking, chipping, or rotting. Additionally, they are UV resistant, moisture resistant and weather resistant. Therefore, they were highly suitable for the project as Mt Druitt’s loading dock is outdoors, away from an overhead roof. Our rubber wheel stops are also perfect for outdoor areas such as Mt Druitt’s because of their yellow reflector. As a result, their visibility is enhanced, to ensure drivers can view them even at night.

Arrow Traders’ Guarantee

At Arrow Traders, we guarantee that our wheel stops have been manufactured to be durable. Therefore, you can be reassured that they can withstand all conditions for many years. If you need your wheel stops upgraded or replaced, please feel free to contact our team.

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