Arrow Traders just completed a job at St Clair’s Shopping Centre where we installed bollards at one of the entrances. Our team worked to complete this job efficiently for our client to ensure we caused minimal disruptions to the customers and did not create any hazards for those surrounding the area.

Installation of Bollards

To install the in-ground bollards our team first measured the area and bollard distance to mark out where each bollard should be installed. Before installing the bollards they cleaned the surface area and ensured that all debris was removed from the area.

As the bollards are in-ground our team had to core drill through the surface to create a sufficient opening for each bollard, accounting for the sleeve size. When we had installed the bollard, the team poured concrete around the base and ensured it would have enough time to cure. Thus we completed this job at night to ensure that the bollard would have enough time to cure and be secured in the surface.

Purpose of In-Ground and Removable Bollards

We installed in-ground bollards as they are the ideal option for commercial areas such as shopping centres that are open to the public. In-ground bollards are installed into the ground and create a sturdier barrier to prevent vehicle collisions and control pedestrian access. Made from a high-quality steel material, the bollards we installed can withstand significant impact and ensures that vehicles and pedestrians do not cause damage to the space.

Our team combined these with a few in-ground removable bollards to ensure that the area was more protected from damage. Removable bollards are the perfect way to monitor and control traffic as they can be easily removed from the area as required. Removing the bollard posts controls the flow of traffic and allows the centre to adjust access control. Combining the removable bollards with in-ground bollards ensures that the centre can create a controlled opening for pedestrians.

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