The Arrow Traders team was recently contacted to complete a few trade projects at Penrith’s Homemaker Centre. We have cultivated and managed a positive relationship with the management over at Penrith Homemaker Centre. Thus we are regularly entrusted to completed these projects for them, delivering our high level of standards for any works big or small. We just carried out a pavers replacement and speed hump repair job.

Pavers Replacements

Our team efficiently completed a repair job for the flooring outside the shopping centre. Our client had noticed that there were a few pavement tiles that had been damaged and were no longer attached to the floor. As a result, this created a significant safety hazard for pedestrians as this is a heavy foot traffic area. Damaged and broken pavers can create a trip hazard and increase the possibility of injury on the premise. Therefore our team completed this job quickly and efficiently to ensure we eliminated this hazard.

We swiftly removed the damaged and cracked pavers from the premise. Once these were removed, we then installed the new pavers. We replaced and releveled the pavers to ensure that the ground was even and would not create additional safety hazards.

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  • Pavers Repairs and Replacement
Damaged Speed HumpsNew Rubber Speed Humps
Replacement of Damaged Speed Humps

Arrow Traders also replaced damaged speed humps on the site. The previous speed humps on site were damaged from years of wear and tear. They were in urgent need of an upgrade and we believed that our rubber speed humps would be the perfect solution.

The location of this speed hump was in a carpark area where there is clear signs for low speeds. Thus our rubber speed humps would be a perfect choice as they are great for low traffic areas and vehicles travelling at low speeds. We were able to supply and install our new rubber speed humps for our client efficiently. As a result we also ensured that we caused minimum disruptions to the flow of traffic in the carpark.

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If you have a similar project to what we have previously completed at Penrith Homemaker Centre, then please feel free to contact us for a quote. If you do have a trades project that needs to be completed otherwise then please send us an email and we will respond to you as soon as possible with a quote at our best price. Our team is also happy to visit your site and walk through the project if necessary before providing a quote.

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