Our team at Arrow Traders recently completed a job for our client, Teachers Mutual Bank. They needed us to complete a carpark project efficiently to ensure that traffic was guided in the correct direction and did not collide with low kerbs or oncoming traffic. Therefore, we completed a lane divider with flexible bollards installation project.

What We Did

Our client needed to adequately guide vehicles driving down ramps within their carpark. These ramps and turns had traffic driving from both directions, thus we ensured that vehicles would not collide. We supplied and installed traffic dividers to effectively resolve this issue.

Traffic dividers are perfect for guiding vehicles and creating a visual warning for drivers. As a result, this reduced the risk of vehicle collisions and ensured that traffic travels smoothly within the carpark. Therefore, these lane dividers are perfect for permanent or temporary solutions as the bollard posts can be easily removed when necessary.

Traffic Lane Dividers

The traffic lane dividers we supplied are made from a heavy-duty and durable rubber ensuring they are long-lasting and can withstand various weather conditions. Our team also decided to supply these dividers as the modular interlocking design allows you to customise the length of the divider. Our client required approximately 10 metres, which we were able to accompany for.

Furthermore, the divider has tapered ends available which minimises hazards and ensures that ends are not exposed to damage. In a high visibility yellow and black contrasting pattern, these dividers are highly visible and create a warning for drivers. Additionally, we supplied the lane divider with high visibility flexible bollard posts.

Flexible Bollards

The flexible bollards were an effective add-on for the dividers as they enhanced the visual warning with their high-visibility red colour and strips of reflective tape. Furthermore, as these bollard posts are flexible they reduce damage to the surrounding area and also prevent significant damage to any vehicles that may collide with the barrier.

These flexible bollards can be easily removed as required and can be reinstalled when you need them again.

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Our team was able to complete this job within eight hours. Thus ensuring minimal disruption to the carpark traffic. Contact us if you have a similar carpark project that you need completed efficiently and one of our team members will be happy to visit your site and provide you with a free quote.

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