Our trades team at Arrow Traders recently completed a bollard installation and speed hump installation car park project at Westfield Parramatta. We were called to install multiple metal bollards and a speed hump to assist with traffic management and control.

Installation of Bollards

Westfield Parramatta noticed a recurring issue in the flow of traffic in their car park. Many drivers were heading in the wrong direction, into oncoming traffic. Therefore, our team suggested using removable bollards to prevent this issue from occurring again. We successfully completed a bollard installation job for five removable bollards to ensure that drivers would not head this way.

These removable bollards are the perfect solution for the issue that our client was facing. They can be easily removed from the premise as required and reinstalled when necessary. To use these bollards, our team simply installed the base plate onto the surface marked out. We identified a suitable location and ensured that the distance between each bollard complied with Australian standards. With the base plates installed, the car park management team can now simply slide in and out the bollard posts are required. For additional security, the bollards are all keyed alike, thus the can be locked into place when in use.

In a high visibility yellow colour, with reflective red tape, these bollards are also easily visible by all drivers. It creates a visual warning to ensure that drivers are aware of the restrictions.

Base Plates

Bases installed with bollards removed

Bollard Posts

Bollards removed from base and stored away

Installation of Speed Humps
Steel speed humps installed on car park surface.

Our team also efficiently installed a steel speed hump when we completed this project. We ensured that the speed hump we supplied for our client was AS/NZS 2890.1:2004 compliant. The steel speed humps are recommended for high traffic areas as they are suitable in controlling traffic in busy areas such as car parks. As it is made from a 6mm steel, these speed humps are extremely durable and minimise the risk of cracking and fading in colour.

Furthermore, the speed hump that we installed had a yellow and black alternative colour pattern. As a result of this contrasting colour, we ensured that drivers could view the speed hump and come to a slower speed before passing over.

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Arrow Traders is highly skilled in car park works and we can complete similar jobs for you! If you require equipment such as bollards, speed humps and wheel stops amongst other car park items then feel free to contact us. Our team can meet you on site to run through the project and provide a free quote.

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